【Chris Chang Ortho】650. Non extraction treatment of class III malocclusion with Invisalign

“It has been documented.” - Dr. Charles Burstone, 2011

I am frequently asked where my enthusiasm for publishing orthodontic case reports comes from. Whilst contemplating this question, I have pondered deeply to try and determine the potential source of this drive and the significance of its importance. As is often the case, it is necessary to turn back the clock, by approximately 36 years, to the time when I began to learn orthodontics.

My main source of information during that pre-Google/internet era was the prestigious journal American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AJO-DO). I sought relevant reports from AJO-DO to ascertain the answers to my questions. This was for me the most effective way, and those articles became my most loyal and trustworthy friends. I truly believe that published facts can help future generations of orthodontists to evolve in this profession.

My beliefs were further cemented in 2011, when I had the distinct honor and privilege to dine with my mentor (Dr. Eugene Roberts)’s mentor, Dr. Charlie Burstone (photo: cover page). I took advantage of this rare opportunity to pick his brain, and everything was going smoothly until I asked him a question and received a blunt answer: “It has been documented.” I was deeply impressed by this answer, as it was in no way demeaning, but was rather an indication that the answer, in written form, was readily available. The questions I had previously asked, of which the answers were nowhere to be found, had probably ignited Dr. Burstone’s interests, but for documented answers, his dessert was of more importance! I left the meal not only with answers to many questions, but also with the realization that solutions to orthodontic questions should be documented; you don’t have to waste your time asking others, and others don’t have to waste their time answering. Thank you, Dr. Burstone.

Furthermore, great masters, including Dr. Burstone, are but mere mortals, and their abilities to answer all kinds of difficult and miscellaneous questions leave with them, but their published papers remain. Therefore, from that day on I have diligently documented my findings to provide answers for all to use. This is the driving force behind my motivation. Anyone with the ability to search the internet can witness how solutions to problems are dealt with, especially in this technologically exciting era of orthodontics in Taiwan.

The three case reports in this issue all deal with severe Class III cases. It is generally believed that surgery is necessary to treat severe Class III cases. In fact, there are two cases that many orthodontists judged only surgery could solve. However, they were treated with conservative non-surgical methods. I think these are great examples of how documented answers show solutions could be found for cases that other thought were impossible.

Finally, there is an article I am currently most enthusiastic about - how to live your retirement. This chapter introduces the design of our aviary. After 36 years of marching along the path to glory, documenting and publishing my findings, I hope to be able to primarily enjoy the birdsong in my aviary, but will still have time for any orthodontic questions, for which no answer has yet been documented!

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