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Yellow Watermelon Varieties and How to Grow

If you haven’t tasted a yellow watermelon before, you’re in for a treat. They are sometimes sweeter than pink and red varieties.

I never heard of them until we grew them. It’s easy to grow yellow watermelons if you live in a warm climate. You’ll need to give them enough space because they are vining plants.

Learn about yellow watermelon varieties and what it takes to grow them from seed. They are low maintenance and beginner-friendly.

‘Bradford’ Pear Tree History and Issues

‘Bradford’ pear was introduced in the mid-1960s and soon became the most popular cultivar of callery pear (Pyrus calleryana). In fact, it’s so popular that the two terms are pretty much used interchangeably by the public. It was a favorite of landscapers and municipal planners alike. The trees were covered in white flowers in spring and you could look forward to pretty fall foliage as well. ‘Bradford’ grew fast, took any kind of soil without complaint, and was pest- and disease-free. It was even described as one of the best cultivar of trees developed in the 20th century.

At first, the shortcomings could be written off. ‘Bradford’ was supposed to be small but ended up growing 40 to 50 feet tall. And the flowers had a sickeningly sweet aroma that hung in the air when the trees were planted in groups (a common practice with street trees). Other flaws were harder to ignore. ‘Bradford’ was a structural challenge, with a bunch of weak branches arising from the same section of the trunk. If a winter storm didn’t make a wreck of the tree, the poorly engineered branches would do it themselves. The trees literally fell apart after 20 years.

The biggest pain became evident: ‘Bradford’ was crossing with other pear trees. Even worse, the offspring reverted to the characteristics of the species, which meant tire-puncturing thorns and thug-like thickets that crowded out native plants.

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