Какое питание нужно для автомагнитолы

Can I look at the page in my browser? Can I subscribe to the RSS feeds? If so, why does it matter whether the code underneath was done with tables or CSS? Call me a fool, but I judge web sites by whether or not they have content and experiences that enrich my life, not whether the code underneath them fits my expectations. It became more obvious to me that HTML and CSS code and the health of the web has many parallels to the food you eat and the health of your body.

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ПОСМОТРИТЕ ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: Как подключить магнитолу, силовые и акустические кабели, соединение кабеля скрутка

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Can I look at the page in my browser? Can I subscribe to the RSS feeds? If so, why does it matter whether the code underneath was done with tables or CSS? Call me a fool, but I judge web sites by whether or not they have content and experiences that enrich my life, not whether the code underneath them fits my expectations. It became more obvious to me that HTML and CSS code and the health of the web has many parallels to the food you eat and the health of your body. HTML is the ingredients and CSS is the world-class chef that takes the ingredients and arranges them in an attractive, delicious way.

However if you try eating it every day, your body revolts and starts to deteriorate rapidly original article. His liver became toxic, his cholesterol shot up from a low to , his libido flagged and he suffered headaches and depression. I think the Big Mac is a pretty good example of bad ingredients crappily presented.

Bad markup and no CSS. This company has the same sort of mediocre food but also mistreats its workers, has lax sanitation standards, puts farmers out of business, has slow service, and uses slave labor overseas. Now in additional to the health reasons for not eating at this restaurant, you have a number of ethical reasons.

Why should you support any restaurant that is so contrary to principles that you believe in? That is the web. Think of your poor browser, which has to work incredibly hard to try and interpret what is essentially markup gibberish and shape it into something it can present to you.

Let me mess with my RSS 2 feed until its at the markup level of their page, and see if your aggregator even still reads it. Out of site and out of mind, right? Very apathetic American. On one level I care about the health of the web, the long-term viability of the sites and pages and documents that are shaping our culture and society. On a deeper level I hold a number of principles that the web should be efficient, standards-based, and accessible. Lockergnome regressing from the standards-based is more than just a bad business decision, it is essentially giving the middle finger to the community around the world that cares about these things.

Their lack of communication on this issue beyond a few flippant remarks in a newsletter is insulting. The next day you see them on the news for rat droppings, food at the wrong temperature, and slime in the ice machine.

Your analogy to food is a good one. I happen to be someone who eats mainly organic foods, which tend to come from companies and farmers that care about the condition of the land, not about getting the maximum out of it at any cost, destroying the soil in the process….

I like the food analogy and I know where you are coming from. Why should you support something that goes against your own ideals like that? The reason you, I and many other folks post about these issues and spent our extra time trying to promote what is good for the Web as a whole is becasue we care about it and want to give something positive to the community, evoke change and move things forward.

What kind of message does that send to newbies? I look at it from a whole different worldview. I work in aerospace. The way aerospace gets anything done in a realm of many contractors and suppliers is with open, government-controlled standards. Need to anodize a part? Any compliant supplier should be able to produce good parts. Even then, the spec would only be good for your parts, for your processes.

Now, we were a subcontractor to that BigCo on all these parts, so as a sub we have a copy of their workmanship standards. That limits the tools you can use to build that cable, and even if you have the tools, you have to send them to the BigCo to certify that they meet the spec!

Who is building it? Other contractors, the other aerospace BigCo, international partners, etc. But who owns the standards?

The BigCo. But there are many parallels to be drawn, and that era did have its share of proprietary markup. The standards are new and changing. Everything would need an expert and cost much, much more than it could.

Hope that made sense. What really annoys me is this: Lockergnome is changing looks one more time and moving to a more traditional layout and coding structure.

It is wrong. Elements are being used for the wrong purpose, and every website that uses this archaic approach is perpetuating a situation where the World Wide Web works like crap. This is , not How yo […]. I love your analogy. I came up with an analogy to help my explanation. Web design and programming is an art.

Traditional coding for the web is like giving an artist a chisel and slab of stone. CSS is like giving an artist a paintbrush. You can do beautiful things in both, but it should be obvious which one allows for more creativity and flexibitily. I look at lockernome sometimes. But it always reminds me of Mathew Lesko, that annoying guy who does tv ads that tell you that by buying his book you can get the government to throw money at you.

I think this is a good analogy for showing your dedication and interest in maintaining web standards. And this is very much like art— content and craftmanship go together, and without one or the other the piece is much less than it could have been. Less powerful, less appealing, whatever…. If you want to boycott this site because it goes against your ideals, then go for it. In my opinion your McDonalds analogy does not fit.

No average user gets hurt by the lack of wheelchair ramps except the 0. Actually Andi, you could make the argument that average web surfers are harmed by bad code. The bloated markup used in most sites today clogs the bandwidth of the entire internet in proportion to how often the site is viewed. Popular sites coded badly cause exponentially more traffic, and eventually that bloat can slow down the entire net from the backbone level down to the individual connection.

This is getting silly. The presentation is all that matters. Fault it for bad usability, bad accessibility, or bad aesthetics. I never used lockergnome before, but I was certainly more inclined to do so than I am now. Not only is their code horrible! I care as much as you! And am not an uber-geek even. I loved your article, and wish you greater readership in time to come. You have made your stand and put your foot down.

Good for you. I applaud your principles. But your boycott will do nothing except possibly promote discussion. You wont be saving any overworked or neglected bytes with your stand. As a developer myself I like to aspire to the higher standards of simple markup and separate style and content.

But I also work for someone. The business owner that needs a website. That guy does not know much about what I do and cares very little about how elegant the code is. But he does know what he likes when he sees it, and when he sees what he likes, I get paid. I have spent many fine hours trying to layout a page as designed.

Indenting content blocks to line up perfectly with the logo. Tweaking margin and padding settings in the css to get the bullet points to hang gently off the left margin. You know what, more times than not the elegant code has to get tossed in order to get business guy what he wants. We have all cursed IE6 because we must support the lowest common denominator and NS4 before that. Many of us have had to face down a designer that is ranting about whitespace or kerning or a poor font.

Your holy grail of fine code only gets in my way at this point. That nasty code you are bitching about has made me a fast, and cross platform hero to the business guy that pays me. Bottom line. I will use whatever ugly kludge necessary to make business guy like my work and get me paid. When your elegant code can do every thing on every platform in less time, then I will switch.

Until then I will work in the real world. Does it WORK? PHP encourages developers to use global variables, discourages object orientation, and has functions with piss-poor adherence to naming conventions.

Code is Food

Можно ли подключить магнитолу к обычной розетке дома? И чтобы сделать это, вовсе не обязательно иметь глубокие познания в электротехнике. Вполне хватит школьного курса физики. Попробуем разобраться, как подключать к сети автомагнитолу, а заодно подумаем, стоит ли вообще это делать. Причины разместить радиоустановку дома могут быть разными.

The star ceiling effect is on the rise in the design industry and is one of the new ways by which you can decorate your home. It can be installed in a variety of spaces, from indoor pools and hotels to children's rooms. The fiber optic equipment transmits the effect on twinkling stars onto the ceiling making you feel like you are truly stargazing.

Какой должна быть мощность автомагнитолы

При выборе головного устройства вне зависимости от фирмы надо понимать, что конечный автозвук больше зависит от автомобильной акустики особенно передней , автомобильных усилителей и автомобильных сабвуферов. Поэтому возможно есть смысл сэкономить на магнитоле, и вложить деньги в автомобильные колонки. Шумоизоляция автомобиля тоже сильно влияет в положительную сторону на конечный звук. Берите только старые и проверенные временем фирмы. Они хоть и дороже, зато гораздо лучше как в плане звука, так и в плане надежности. Агрегаты от "новых" фирм могут проработать совсем не долго. Не стоит обращать внимание на технические характеристики агрегата. Лучше перед покупкой прослушайте ее на стенде и сравните с другими магнитолами. В линейке одной фирмы есть целый ряд магнитол.

Блок питания для автомагнитолы из компьютерного БП

какое питание нужно для автомагнитолы

Сабвуфер автомобильный Oris NW-D1. Автомобильный усилитель с 8-канальным автомобильным процессором Audio System X Сабвуферы автомобильные Oris LW-D2. Сабвуфер автомобильный Oris NW-D2. Сабвуфер автомобильный 8 дюймов Eton HEX

This calculator is designed to assist magistrates and judges in calculating the total financial penalty in a case. It is not a decision making tool.

Как правильно подключить питание автомагнитолы

The "blue sky" ceiling is the one for nature lovers. You can pick from a variety of sky views and even marine world. A high-quality image will stretch across the whole ceiling and create a connection between you and the outside world. You can order a ceiling with a back-light. It is possible to achieve due to ceilings translucent Clipso.

Какое питание нужно для автомагнитолы

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The beamer class is not working with natbib. The initial author of the class Till Tantau said:. You can read it here in the tex. Here is a working example. I compiled this on MacTex, using pdflatex. No errors, no warnings except a message about pgfbaseimage.

Въведение 1 i. Основи на езика c++ 1. Въведение Произход на езика c++ Първото нещо, което прави впечатление на “новака” – това е името на езика.

Точно так же страховщик, продав водителю частного легкового автомобиля полис, уже не может в дальнейшем потребовать у него диагностическую карту, если тот придет к нему за выплатой после ДТП. Диагностическая карта как прежде и талон ТО не входит в утвержденный правилами ОСАГО перечень документов, которые потерпевший должен предъявить страховщику для получения страхового возмещения. Страховые компании обязаны производить выплаты по ОСАГО, независимо от наличия или отсутствия диагностической карты. Срок действия полиса определяется лишь условиями договора ОСАГО и не зависит от срока действия талона или карты.

Для меня день рождения один из самых значимых дней в году, потому что если бы не этот день, меня бы вообще могло и не быть. Мне всегда нравилась дата этого дня В детстве было очень здорово, потому что заканчивалась учеба, и можно было насладиться праздником. В университете каждый день рождения проходил на даче с очень большой и шумной компанией!!! Я с радостью вспоминаю эти времена. По большому счету прошел еще один прекрасный год моей жизни и день рождения как никогда подходит для подведения итогов.

The app performs this style transfer with the help of a branch of machine learning called convolutional neural networks. Prisma is a mobile app that allows you to transfer the style of one image, say a cubist painting , onto the content of another, say a photo of your toddler, to arrive at gorgeous results like these:.

Sooner or later all of us face the problem of choosing a career when we are to decide what we are going to be in future. Choosing a career is not a simple matter — in fact, it can be one of the most important in our life. The last point in the list is particularly important because there are many examples when people make great mistakes choosing their future profession. Sometimes they either simply follow in the footsteps of their parents or relatives or just blindly follow their advice. Your choice should be mostly based on your own opinion. Family traditions are good, but your turn of mind may be quite different.

За все время эксплуатации автомобиля владелец многое меняет в нем. Это может быть как разные мелкие аксессуары, так и более серьёзные покупки. К самой главной покупке можно отнести приобретение автомагнитолы.

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